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Frequently Asked Questions

What programming languages are supported?

Python and Go today. More to come soon!

What versions of each language are supported?

Python 3.7 through 3.12 which matches the release and end-of-life cycle set by the Python Software Foundation. For more details see

Go 1.20 through 1.21 which matches the release and end-of-life cycle set by Google. For more details see

How do I enable checks of third-party libraries?

By upgrading to the Professional Plan you can gain access to analyzers of third-party libraries.

How is the privacy of my private source code protected?

All code analysis is done in-memory. As a result, access to private code only occurs for the duration of the analysis with nothing persisted. This ensures data and privacy of the code is protected.

How can I delete my account?

First, remove your subscription and installation from GitHub. Deletion of an account will be disabled if there is an existing subscription or installation. Once that is complete, navigate to to delete the account.